Backgammon and life Compared

Play and life, in many ways are very similar to each other. Many people play in life. Some even think that they are inevitable, that everyday every one of us seem to play in everything we do. Such parallelism can be seen in backgammon and our everyday life.

Every day we face challenges in our life, and many of us rely on the chance to give us push. Like for example, when on the way to work, we wish we are lucky enough to take a quick taxi cab so that we do not get late. If lucky enough, we will indeed take a cab quickly, but such as what follows is really up to all of us, whether we sleep on our work or do everything we need. It always belongs to us to do what is given to us.

This is also true in backgammon. Players almost always want to have lucky dice rolls. The heavens can bestow their wishes and give them the luckiest bearings, but if anything good would come out of it’s really up to the backgammon players themselves. Some players have such poor decision-making skills that they spoil their luckier bearings and make such bad moves.

On some circumstances in our lives, we will desperately need any chance we can obtain, as in life and death situations. The moment we discover that our father needs a heart transplant fast to survive, we ask all saints to make us lucky enough to find a suitable heart of distributor. Such circumstances also happen to gambling players in the backgammon. Sometimes players are presented with the situations in which they need so much of the fair chance stay in the game.

All of us have somehow developed ways on how to survive in life. Some play it aggressively, while others just expect things to come their way. Besides, there are still others who prefer to influence others to get things done instead of doing it on their own.

Backgammon players are very much aware of these concepts. Players use these as their strategies in the game of backgammon. Some believe that playing it hard is more effective than playing passively. Others take steps that would influence or even force the adversary to take some steps that would benefit them and not the adversary.

It’s clear, in life and in backgammon, people should be smart enough to be able to do it in the end and not let chance alone be the single most important factor in life or in games.

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